About Us

OutOfCourt's executive advisory team comprises former Judges, QC's, Arbitrators, junior Counsel and experienced, successful entrepreneurs.

Members of the advisory team share the same vision: To provide fair, fast and affordable justice to all members of our society.

OutOfCourt is a neutral dispute resolution referral provider. Our role is limited to the administration of the dispute resolution. Accordingly, we are not able to comment on the merits of disputes or decisions made by Panelists, which act independently.

OutOfCourt is not and cannot be responsible for any allegations or merits of a Case. OutOfCourt is merely a conduit for information regarding a Case and does not warrant, endorse or otherwise accept allegations made within Cases.

OutOfCourt is founded by experienced litigator Nicole Murdoch BEng (CSE), J.D (Hons 1), MIP. Nicole is the Principal of EAGLEGATE Lawyers, a Doyles guide recommended IP litigator and an electrical engineer.

Out Of Court Pty Ltd (OutOfCourt) is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.

"Two weeks ago a client, who I have been helping with small claims for 15 years, came to me with an unpaid bill for an amount that would have meant he couldn’t pay his workforce. Within a day we had an offer of 50%, another day 75% and we finally settled for a discount far less than he would have spend chasing it in court and paid months earlier. All paid last week. I went into last weekend feeling pretty good about the power of ADR."
Jonathan Smith