Fees to Resolve a Dispute through OutOfCourt

Fees paid by Parties to a Dispute

In the OutOfCourt system, fees paid by parties to a dispute are made up of:

  • an administrative fee paid to OutOfCourt (our fees); and
  • a fee paid to the Panelist for provision of their services (ADR Fees).

We do not pay referral fees to Panelists and Panelists do not pay us to refer matters to them.

Our Fees

The fees paid by parties to a dispute are administrative in nature. They are based on the expected amount of time and the level of staff required to complete services as required.

Upon filing a dispute:

  • each of the parties filing a case (each Applicant) pays an intial amount of $200* plus GST. If the dispute resolution does not continue there is no more paid to OutOfCourt.

Once the Respondent confirms the dispute resolution is to continue:

  • each Respondent pays to OutOfCourt a $500* plus GST; and
  • each Applicant pays an additional $300* plus GST.

If the dispute resolution continues, access to the OutOfCourt platform is given freely and without cost to parties to the dispute.

ADR Fees

Fees in respect of the alternative dispute resolution service are a matter between the parties to a case and the Panelist. These are the fees charged by the Panelist for their services under an agreement between the Panelist and the Parties. OutOfCourt does not become involved in determining, charging or collecting ADR Fees.

I mediated a matter where one business owner wanted to exit a business. The parties were $150,000 apart. Lawyers were involved and ready to commence proceedings to appoint a liquidator who would then sell the business to the highest bidder. The mediation took one day and cost $1,500 for each party.The Court filing fee was to cost $3,000 on its own!

         Eddie Senatore

Fees paid by Panelists

Panelists are charged a fee to use the OutOfCourt Platform.  Please see the Apply to be a Panelist page for further information.


*Fees charged are not refundable.