Example Mediation Fees



  Value of DisputeMediation Fees*
+ Business Partnership Split $400,000$3,000
+ Family Business Partnership Dispute $1.5M$3,000
+ Defective Goods claim $50,000$2,000
+ Claim for variations to structural, electrical and civil works $1,249,864$23,400
+ Claim for Architectural design services $169,951$10,505
+ Claim for variation to scaffolding $150,000+$83,062
+ Delay and Disruption Claim (major infrastructure project) $20M+$301,150
+ Major international chemical and agricultural dispute $120M+$750,000 (3 Panelists)
+ Partnership dissolution of a major second-tier Chartered Accounting firm $1M+$40,000
+ Exiting shareholder of an IT company $1M+$50,000
+ Dispute over reliability of supply and variation in quality of goods $10M$5,000 But settled in preliminary conference

*Estimates as provide to OutOfCourt. Fee examples are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be, and should not be construed as an offer. Past fees are not an indication of future fees. Actual fees will vary.