Warren Fischer


Name: Warren Fischer

Title: Arbitrator / Expert / Adjudicator

State: Queensland

Country: Australia

Postnominals: B.E.(Civil) Prof.Cert.Arb.Med. Cert Adj (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA, NT) Dip.Co.Dir. RPEQ FRIArb1MedAdj FAICD

Practice areas: Construction

Other practice areas: Body Corporate, Dispute Resolution/Avoidance Boards

Indicative daily rate (excl GST): $4500 - $5500

Languages spoken: English

Qualifications, Specialisations and Industry Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) [B.E. (Civil)], Queensland University of Technology, 1989
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland RPEQ (No. 5314), 1997
  • Intensive Mediation Course, Queensland University of Technology, 1998
  • Accredited Mediator, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, 1998
  • Professional Certificate in Arbitration and Mediation, University of Adelaide, 1999
  • Graded Arbitrator, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, Grade 3 – 2000, Grade 2 – 2004, Grade 1 – 2008
  • Certificate in Adjudication, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, 2004
  • Registered Senior Adjudicator BCIPA (Qld) (No. J1055362), 2004
  • Diploma in Company Directorship, Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2007
  • Advanced Workshop, Dispute Resolution Board Australasia, 2012
  • Certificate in Adjudication (x 4 - NSW, VIC, ACT & SA), The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), 2016 and WA, 2017
  • RICS Senior Adjudicator BCISPA (NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, NT), 2016 and WA, 2017
  • Registered Adjudicator CC(SP)A (NT) (No. 54), 2016
  • Registered Adjudicator CCA (WA) (No. 100), 2017


Warren has in excess of 30 years of international experience in Civil and Structural Engineering in the fields of building, mining, roadworks, bridge and civil construction. He has been involved in a wide range of engineering activities including feasibility studies, design, construction management, project management and contract administration. Warren now actively practices solely in the dispute resolution disciplines of arbitration, adjudication, conciliation, expert determination and mediation.